Our mission is to empower educators to become obsessed with their client's results.

The skill economy

Due to the higher demand for online education more coaches, consultants, and course creators notice the overwhelming amount of competition, and the students notice the overwhelming amount of information is uploaded every day.

Youtube alone reported it has 10 PB (10,000 TB) per day of new content uploaded to its servers, we are slowly waking up to the fact that. The problem is not the lack of information, it's the lack of clarity and support to IMPLEMENT the information we already know.

Information loses more and more value and we are slowly shifting from knowing the most (academic approach) to becoming the best at helping people implement information and turning it into a skill, or a result.

Your client result is your future resume, and the value you offer to the marketplace is ONLY based on the results your information has created in your own or your client's life.

The problem

The fact that only 1% of people ever complete, or get results from the online training and courses they buy should scare any online educator.

This means a whopping 99% of people aren't getting the results you've promised them, which means:

- they'll never buy from you again.
- they'll never send you referrals
- they'll never give you testimonials and feedback

but the worst:
You will never justify paid advertising and are "doomed" to spend your days chasing clients

The solution

There are 3 main bottlenecks in any online education businesses

1) Client attraction
2) Client results
3) Lack of time

You can read more about how we solve these challenges here.

The team


NICKOLAS heitmann

CMO, co-founder

Responsible for the marketing and user communication



COO, co-founder

Controls the roadmap and support the developers in their implementation


DARDAN ghashi

Head dev

Head developer, back-end and API specialist.

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